irst time we were seriously▓ trying to evaluate a character whose qu●alities had masked its real nature.It wa●s as if in dying he had cast ●off from

his earthly character, and ▓taken on some of the grandiose pro▓portions of his own writings, whic●h swam more and

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駉ry of the man itself faded.Death provided a ●new critical referent, and a ●new mental stature to the tiresome, b●rilliant, ineffect

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ad had to cope.He was only to be s●een now through the distorting mirror o●f anecdote or the dusty spectrum of m▓emory.Later I wa

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s to hear people ask whether ●Pursewarden had been tall or short, whe●ther he had worn a moustache or not: and th▓ese simple memo

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